Folders Are Out – Tagging Is In



Is “organizaholic” a word? According to spell check, it’s not. Whatever.

If you’re an organizaholic like me, 5, 10 years ago, you probably have a folder which contained a bunch of work stuff. Inside that folder, you had subfolders, for each project you worked on. Then within each project folder, maybe you had a couple more subfolders for each track within that project. Then inside a that track subfolder, more subfolders with scraps and notes for each document you were creating for that track. And so on and so forth….

Pretty soon you have a folder hierarchy thats 9 levels deep, and most of the time, you can’t find what you’re looking for, or when you do, it takes you 10 seconds, and twenty-two clicks (or eleven double clicks) to get there.

Welcome to the 21st century…folders are silly.

You’re probably well aware of how tagging works already, you use it for Twitter, you use it on collaboration sites, forums, blogs you publish whatever. But guess what – no one ever said tagging was exclusively for the internet. You should be tagging your local files too.

It’s actually very easy, and makes finding files a snap.


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